KOR – 3.5 inch Wood Toys


Limited Edition of 10 Figures

February 7th 2016 | 10pm CET (4pm EST)

KOR is a good-natured warrior. He’s serving his tribe and king since two hundred twenty-one summers and has not once let pass a foe into the village. KOR loves riddles and has a great sense of humour, especially when it comes to make fun out of the tribe on the other side of the gray cliffs. Yeah and once in a while he has one over the eight.

“With my sword clutched I awok laying in the grass. What drink was it I drank yesterday? Twas neither wine nor water, neither mead nor ale, yet went I thirstless thence. Aright guess now this riddle!”

KOR’s body is handcrafted out of a more than 200 year old oak wood log. His head and horns are made out of teak and smoked oak wood. To defend his tribe he holds a carefully forged brass broad-sword covered with an ancient patina. His arms are articulated and features multiple solid brass and natural leather parts. The figure has a semi gloss finish thru oil and wax. Each piece is signed and numbered by the artist (iron branded/embossed).

PIDA & OLGOS Wood Toys – October Release


First things first. We had welcomed a new baby boy three weeks ago and we couldn’t be more happy! He’s giving us sleepless nights right now but we already love him with all our hearts! Now it’s almost end of the month and Halloween is around the corner this only can mean there will be new wood toys in my store soon! :]

This time i have two different designs for you folks. The curly lady PIDA is a one of a kind piece that i worked on over quite a while this summer. I’m looking forward to give her into the hands of a dedicated collector. Then i have a small series of OLGOS waiting to travel around the globe to graze at your local green spot. They come in pairs so you get two figures with one catch here.

Both designs will be available trough my store as usual:

October 30th 2015 | 22:00 CEST (16:00 EST)
in my shop 

Happy Halloween! Pepe

PIDA – 4.5 inch Wood Toy
(One of a kind piece)

“PIDA is a curly little lady. She lives in the botanical garden where she keeps an eye to the frogs. She learned from them to jump from water lily leaf to another and her guilty pleasure is to eat duckweed sprouts.”
PIDA is carved out of one piece of sapele wood and was sanded to a smooth finish in countless hours. The figure has a high gloss coat and the piece comes signed & numbered by the artist (embossed).

OLGOS – 3 inch & 2 inch Wood Toys
(Limited Edition of 12 pairs)

“OLGOS are sturdy little chaps, they travel huge distances over snowy mountains and endless tundras to find a nice little spot where they can rest and eat fresh grass. And they are surprisingly fast… well in their eyes, we barely see them moving.”
The OLGOS are handcrafted out of swiss spruce. These figures have a high gloss finish and each piece is signed and numbered by the artist (embossed).

Release Tomorrow! RAKU – 5″ Wood Toy


Limited Edition of 5 Figures

September 30th 2015 | 22:00 CEST (16:00 EST)

“RAKU appreciate the various moods and sentiments suggested by the snow, the moon, and the trees and flowers, as they go through the transformation of seasons, appearing and disappearing, blooming and withering. 

If RAKU uses his sword, he makes it serve to give life to others. And while fought on many battlefields his true passion and mastery is brewing the finest and most delicious tea in all the seven woods. You can watch him listen quietly to the boiling water in the kettle, which sounds like a breeze passing through the pine needles. Legend has it that if you drink a bowl of tea together with RAKU you will become oblivious of all worldly woes and worries.”

RAKU is handcrafted out of alder, walnut and smoked oak wood and has a small brass hearth on his chest. Each figure features a sword out of beautiful grained wenge wood with brass parts and a dark leather handle. The figure has a semi gloss finish and each piece is signed and numbered by the artist (embossed).

Finally! New Wood Toys by Pepe Hiller


Can’t believe there were no updates from my side for such a long time! So let’s break the ice! :] I’d like to let you know what i did over the last two years and more important what i’d like to do in the near future!

I’ve never stopped to work with wood, creating new designs or tinkering on new ideas. But after the birth of my lovely daughter the whole social-media circus that i was doing for my wood toys was a tad too time intense for me and i wanted to share more of this time with my family. Being always under pressure to share new content and creating new designs was rewarding with all your great comments, mails and kudos but also kind of paralyzing.

So why coming back after such an long hiatus you might ask…? Well because i just can’t stop doing to do what i love: Designing and crafting wood characters! :) I decided to work out a concept that i can manage in a good way and that allows me to produce designer toys for shows and for my collectors. I’d like to give me complete freedom design and material wise but the plan is to do one release at the end of each month. This can be a small series or an exclusive design that i will offer trough my Webstore. In addition i do work on collabs and doing pieces for shows once in a while so there might be even more to see from me but the monthly release is set.

These releases i will announce trough all the usual channels like my Newsletter, my Webpage, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, so follow me on whatever channel suits you best and you won’t miss the new designs. I will reduce the update pace on social media a little but of course i will still post work in progress and sneak peek pictures of my designs from times to times. As far as i remember you guys loved to see behind the curtains. Speaking of new designs, i think i’m still cleave to my style but i also have developed myself and my art further.

At this point I’d like jump at the chance to thank you all for such an amazing support for my work over the last few years. I had and still have so much fun doing pieces for my collectors and working on collaborations with other great artists from around the globe. I do meet a lot of awesome peoples trough my art and this is something that i’d never want miss as i’m really grateful about these experiences.

Now as you know me, I wouldn’t dare come back without a little sneak peek preview in my sleeve of what you can expect from me.

The September release will be RAKU – a 5 inch Walnut/Alder Wood Samurai! ^__^



WOODMOONS – Surprise Release Today


YAY, Surprise Release! Today!

WOODMOONS – green stained, limited to 5 pieces!


September 19th @ 12 noon PST


the sale of these is to help my mate Jordan (@dopevinyl) getting his documentary film about the Designer Toy scene produced.

they will come with a custom header card made by KOmega. Priced at 40$ plus 5$ shipping they will be available in Jordan’s store dopevinyl.storenvy.com today.

excuse my lack of updates lately, i was pretty busy with the job & family but more WOODMOONS (light & dark wood) will be released trough my shop later this month. so stay tuned! ^__^

SAVE&DESTROY IV Show – New Wood Pieces

save and destroy show

Here are some pieces i made for the Save&Destroy IV show @ Galerie Maurer in Zurich tomorrow! Can’t wait to see what the other artists made & would be lovely to meet you there for a toy chit-chat! :] The last two Arborobot Sets (Stargazer & Gardener Edition No.06/06) will also be hanging around at the show! In case you can’t come by and want to catch a piece, unsold artwork & toys will be up for sale HERE the day after the show!

GUBBLA – 5″ Spruce Wood Toy

HOPP – 4″ Spruce Wood Toy Series (No. 01-05)

ZELOT – 5″ & 4″ Spruce Wood Toys

Read More»

ARBOROBOTS – Stargazer & Gardener Editions


Finally! After almost 2 years Cris Rose and Myself are proud to present you the latest ARBOROBOT editions! These very limited editions made their first appearance at the UK ToyCon 2013 in London and the remaining pieces are now on sale in Cris Rose’s Store! There are only a total of 6 Sets of each edition made so be sure to head over and snag yourself a set! One last set of each design will be shown at the SAVE&DESTROY IV show here in Zurich.

Arborobots – “Ramble & Roam” Stargazer Edition (06/06)

  • wenge wood, pear wood, brass, bees wax finish

Arborobots – “Ramble & Roam” Gardener Edition (06/06)

  • spruce wood, alder wood, brass, bees wax finish

(pictures by Cris Rose)

ARBOROBOTS – Stargazer & Gardener Edition WIP


You know i can’t resist to share with you some workbench pictures! As you may guess two new ARBOROBOTS editions are under construction her in my lab! :]

BENZ & JILLA – “Memories Are Made of This” Show


I was invited to do a piece for the “Memories Are Made of This” Show at MunkyKing Store LA. I did sent “Benz & Jilla” to attend at this great event, i’m sure they will have fun there together with Super Cooper who celebrate his 13th birthday today! :] “Benz” loves to wandering around in green plains and does enjoy the the warm summer breeze with his little pull toy named “Jilla”. Benz & Jilla are made out of brass and sapele mahogany wood with a bees wax finish. This is a one off piece, signed & numbered by embossing and you can adopt them today at the show if u like!

Congrats to Cooper! I can’t fly to LA so i’ll carve some more wood chaps here in my studio but if you’re in the area be sure to head over to Munky King Saturday August 18th to meet my “Benz & Jilla” and see all the amazing artwork from the participating artists. Read more on the FB Event Page about the “Memories Are Made of This” show.

Hello Everyone!This is Super Cooper and I am turning 13! To celebrate, I am curating my 3rd annual birthday art show called “Memories are Made of This.” It is an art show based on childhood memories. It will be hosted at Munky King Melrose as their last art show! This show will benefit the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital 4W Supportive Care Committee and the CHIME Preschool Inclusion Program. There will also be live painting by some amazing artists, great food, and lots of fun! The show date is Saturday, August 18 from 4pm – 8pm. 

Artist include:
100% Soft, 9-Kei, Adrienne Gates, Alice Koswara, Amanda Milteer, Angela Oriol, Annie Rivera, Ayleen Gaspar, babyvtec, BeeFy, Bella Berella, Bert S. Gatchalian, Blake Barry, Brian Castleforte, Brian McCarty, Cameron Edison, Cheech, Chikuwaemil, Chris Granillo, Christina Cannarella, Christopher Bonnette, Cole Griffiths, Corin Cruikshank, Dani Bowman, David Biederman, David Zajdman, ECKOTYPER, eimi, Emily Borchardt, EOS, Eric Scarecrow, FrankenFactory, Frank Schaefer, George Gaspar, Germs, Giselle Knight, Greg Berella, Isaac Flores, J. Shea, Jarrett “m0e” Nadrowski, Jay222, Jeremiah Ketner, Jerome Lu, Josh Mayhem, Josh Taylor, Joshua Herbolsheimer, Juan Muniz, KaNo, Kat Brunnegraff, Kat Muniz, Kat Rivera, Kevin Dickson, Kim Chueh, Lap Ngo, Leecifer, Lindsay Walczak, Lou Pimentel, Luke Chueh, Mari Inukai, Martin Hsu, Matt Hawkins, Mike Die, Misha, Mylene (I GOT SOLE), Nao Shimojo (Danke Schoen), Nathan Hamill, nati513, Nebulon5, Pepe Hiller, Phoneticontrol, Plasticgod, Podgypanda, Rustedhalo, Ryan the Wheelbarrow, Satoshi Yoshioka, Scott Tolleson, Sebastien Pablo, Shane Jessup, Shawn Wigs, Shelby Barrett-Whitmore TAG, Shin Tanaka, Shojono Tomo, Skylar Grey, Spencer Wilson, Steven Slomkowski, Super Cooper Berella, Taskone, Tiernan Wilson, Tom Morello, Touma, UNCLE, Yoskay Yamamoto, Yuu Tihara, Zombiemonkey, Zoso, and MORE!

BEECHBLOCKS – 4 inch Wood Toy Series by Pepe Hiller

beech blocks by pepe hiller - teaser

RELEASE – July 5th 2012 | 8pm CEST
in my store – http://pepehiller.storenvy.com/

  • 4 inch wood toys by Pepe Hiller
  • First edition of 20 Pieces
  • All signed & numbered
  • Beech wood, brass feather & bees wax finish

The BEECHBLOCKS comes from a beautiful place where it is always late spring, with blooming flowers and cloudless skies, never too warm or too cold.
Their heraldic motto is “Walk upright like the trees and keep the sun in your heart!” ^___^

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