Last Saturday i was taking part at the “Swiss Character Design” Show at BuroDiscount, Zurich with new toy series of mine. It was great to meet and chat with some local toy designer and toy lovin folks! Later a few shots of the opening night and if you are in the area, be sure to check out this show till the end of the month! For all my overseas readers & peoples who couldn’t attend the show i decided to grab a few of my wood toys and resin weebles after the show to make them available at my onlineshop for you!

Release on Monday, 18th April 2011 7pm CET!

  • OCCTOBOBBA’s – 4.5″ Resin Weebles by Pepe (one red & one purple)
  • AARGHBLOCK’s – 4.5″ Pear Wood Toys by Pepe (No.01-04)
  • WHAAGHBLOCK’s – 2″ Elm Wood Toys by Pepe (No.03-05)

Head over to the shop and get one of these!

Some pictures of the “Swiss Character Design” show opening night @ BuroDiscount:

SCD SHOW – New Resin & Wood Toy Series


I will take part with a lot of new wood and resin toys at the “Swiss Character Design”show at burodiscount in Zurich. The opening night will be on Saturday 9th of April @ Buro Discount, Zurlindenstrasse 226, 8003 Zurich. So if you in the area be sure to drop by, say hi and grab some finest swiss plush, resin, wood, & vinyl toys!

See the Facebook Event page for some more info about the show.

I worked on three new series for this show and on two larger wood figures. If you follow me on fb, flickr, instagram or twitter you already stumbled over a few sneak peeks of my new toys. I’m pretty happy how all the series turned out and hope you will enjoy them too. Had fun shooting these toys in the woods & the water, see more and larger photos on flickr. I will take some shots from the show for you folks who can’t be here Saturday.

OCCTOBOBBA’s – 4.5″ Resin Weeble by Pepe Hiller (5 pieces)

AARGHBLOCK – 4″ Pear Wood Toys (series of 9 pieces)

WAAGHBLOCK – 2″ Elm Wood Toys (series of 9 pieces)

CRESS CRITTER – “Golden Age” A Custom Resin Toy


Have a bunch of wood & resin toy projects going on right now. I really hope i can release these little fellas as a DIY edition when spring is coming and the sprouts are growing! ^__^ I still have a lot of details to sort out, especially how to export the cress seeds from the “Happy Gardening” set i’m planing…

Meanwhile some WIP pictures of my first custom i’m working on: “Golden Age” CRESS CRITTER. All painted by brush and metallic acrylic paints, i hope you like him!

CRESS CRITTER – Testing New Seeds and Colors


My test labs are bursting full of new organic experiments with all the different CRESS CRITTER’s. I had to send out our best recources to get some new rare species and varieties for the upcoming “Happy Gardening” Kit! Running tests on “Nasturtium officinale” and “Medicago sativa”, looking very promising so far…

CRESS CRITTER – It’s Greening Up Nicely!


It’s time to share some secret WIP shots of the new little chaps. Last week my studio turned into a greenhouse and the first critter resin casts were used for planting series of experiments. I’m petty sure the CRESS CRITTER will bring the best out of you and a charming green touch for your desk or toy collection! ^___^

CRESS CRITTER – Silicone Molding and Resin Casting Toys


I made a short slideshow where you can see the silicone molding process of the CRESS CRITTER.  I have placed the the prototype and the seem line in a slightly unusual position for this two part mold but I had the feeling i should give my silicone-plug-system-technique™ a shot! ;)

Now after the first few resin copies i have to say, casting is going pretty well so far …and I’ve got some wicked ideas for these fresh resin Critters right now! Stay tuned.

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CRESS CRITTER – Prototype/ Master Model for Molding


Short update on my CRESS CRITTER. I just have applied a basecoat filler and sanded down the ABS layers until everything was sleek & smoothed out. Then i applied the finish with white NC-paint to the prepared 3D print model. Now this fella should be good to go for a first mold! Check back soon…


CRESS CRITTER – Toy Rapid Prototyping (ABS 3D-Print)


After reconstructing the CRESS CRITTER information from a tiny bio-harddisk i was finally able to revive a first specimen of it! For the time beeing it’s growing fast and i do feed it with fern and other ancients herbs. More about these long time died out CRESS CRITTER next week…! :D

CRESS CRITTER – Digital 3D Designer Toy Model


I wish you all a Happy New Year! The year is pretty young and i’ve so much new stuff in work!

First of all, the last few XMAS PEARBLOCK’s will find a new home today at my grandparents and grandaunt’s shelfs. They where a great joy to give away as Christmas presents. So i have one last left (No. 01/16). I will sell him here on the Page for you in a few days! Stay tuned if you want to grab this unique handcrafted 2.5 inch Wood Designer Toy by Pepe for your own collection.

Now to the latest: CRESS CRITTER – Keep your eyes open, long gone species will revive 2010! Check the data-sheets I found deep burried in a secret vault of this ancient little fella… Strange things will come, be warned! ;)

SQUIMONK – A DIY Vinyl Toy Concept


SQUIMONK – This chubby guy is my second entry for the Aarting DIY Toy Challenge! Please vote on for my SQUIMONK!

SQUIMONK’s lives high up in the trees and rarely come down to ground to pick up the yummy fir cones. That’s the reason why they have a slightly beer-belly. As you can guess, they know very well how to brew really tasty fir cone beer in their brewery!

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