Let’s Make Toys Together!


  • You have a character design you would love to have as sculpture or toy?
  • Your own limited designer toy series is one of your dreams since childhood?
  • You need a prototype or a model of your design for further production or for testing functionality?


Well you have to come to the right place! I can advise you trough the complete design process. I will create your prototype or master model and can produce small wood & resin series for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know what you’re looking for.
You’re an artist yourself and you think I would be a good match for your next project? Let’s team up, i’m always open to collaborations!

– Technical Skills & Key Services –

Resin Toys

  • construction drawings & 3d-modeling
  • technical advise with joints & multipart figures
  • sculpting in polymer clay or sculpting wax
  • creating a master prototype
  • making simple or  multipart silicon molds
  • rotocasting large hollow resin models
  • casting small resin toy series (10 – 100 pieces)
  • coloring & finishing with different products

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Wood Toys

  • drawing construction blueprints (CAD)
  • providing different woods for your project
  • wood workshop with professional equipment & tools
  • wide experience in wood working & wood carving
  • building wood prototypes based on sketches or drawings
  • producing small wood toy series (5 – 50 pieces)
  • creating additional details out of brass, steel, leather or fabric
  • providing advice with different wood finishes

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Design & Gadgets

  • sketching, concept art, drawing & designing
  • construction blueprints & 3d-modeling
  • prototyping in wood, resin, clay & wax
  • molding & casting a resin pilot-series for further production
  • doing color & paint sample pieces
  • creating illustrations & packaging design
  • making 3d logos and letterings for promotion
  • producing small series of handcrafted gadgets

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Contact me and tell me about your project! I can bring your ideas & designs to life!

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